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Our teaching methods are based on the Montessori Method. Stepping Stones is geared towards the child completely. In true Montessori tradition, we have adhered to an atmosphere where the child can feel at home with materials scaled to the child’s dimensions. At Stepping Stones, we are fully equipped with only Montessori learning material so the child can best reap the full benefits from the Montessori methods. Our group directresses are experienced, fully trained Montessori diploma holders and each child is constantly given attention.  

Much care and thought have been taken to ensure an environment that will keep the child happy, secure, comfortable and enthusiastic in the vital growing and learning years. The interior and exterior of the school incorporates a feeling of generous space, ease and freedom of movement combined with security for the child. Separate play, work and rest areas are provided.

At Stepping Stones no expense is spared and materials used are imported and specially designed according to strict Montessori specifications and standards.


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A child’s most formative years are between the ages of two and six. It is one of the most exciting and rewarding stages of life. At this age children develop the capabilities that will be required to take them through life later on. It has been proven in all Montessori schools worldwide that these early years are the most effective. Through the Montessori Method of self-building and self discipline each child gradually becomes more confident, industrious and independent at his/her own pace. It is at time that it is essential to build a stable, healthy, physical, mental and emotional foundation to prepare for future adult life. The Montessori child development method is based on this conviction.


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Developed by Dr. Maria Montessori, the Montessori Method encourages and develops the child’s growing and learning capabilities naturally and effortlessly with an aim to build a strong sense of self-confidence and independence in the child-without pain and tears. Montessori respects the child as an individual.
A free and spontaneous learning environment with individual care and guidance exposes the child to his/her potentials and each child learns to get along and work with other children, developing new capabilities at his/her own pace.


It has been observed that Montessori children develop traits that put them ahead of their peers as they gain :

  • Self-discipline

  • Self-knowledge

  • Independence

  • Confidence

  • Enthusiasm for learning

  • An organized approach to problem-solving

  • Respect & responsibility to the environment

  • Strong academic skills

  • Better socializing abilities


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